Navigate the pitfalls of trading with a Trusted Advisor

Avoid the confusion of Roller Coaster Markets with a Proven System for Trading

Avoid the Confusion of Roller Coaster Markets with

A Proven System for Trading

In the Dog-Eat-Dog World of Professional Banks, I had to Generate a Minimum of $2.5 Million Each Year or Be Fired...And Now I’m Sharing 35 Years of Knowledge They Don't Want You to Know

Trade with Confidence
Systematically Reduce Risk
Access 35 Years of Experience

Avoid the emotional roller coaster of excitement, doubt, and bitter disappointment with a clear trading plan.

Discover a proven risk management system that stacked profits and generated over $60 million dollars in profits.

Learn from a seasoned chief trader who’s seen all the gimmicks and scams and built a system designed for long-term success in a volatile market.

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It’s a jungle out there filled with predators that want to eat you for breakfast.

The brokers and big banks rig the system to devour all the small accounts. In my opinion, the market is just one big game where the rules are set and changed by 'Big Money' at their will. You see, if trading was EASY money, Big Money would monopolize it. They’d make the entry requirements so steep that it would be impossible for an average person to trade. Perhaps they'd require an education and exam system that would weed out most people. Big Money wants the novice. They want your inexperience. In short, they want to take your money.

Plus, there is a horde of fly-by-night inexperienced traders taking advantage of your frustration
by sharing idiotic Youtube training “advice” and overpriced courses.

These 20-something “gurus” promote their “300 pip system” that they’ve fabricated like a Monday morning quarterback, but they don’t have any REAL experience as traders. (Hint: they make their money selling bogus trading tips, NOT with their Forex account!)

I’m  sick of it.

Forex Trader

Hi...I’m Tom!
I’ve been in the Forex market for over 35 years. I started in the back office learning the ropes and worked as a Chief Dealer for both CRT and DG Bank running the cross-currency trade desk.
My trades have generated over $60 million dollars.

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The Three-Step Breakout Formula that CONSISTENTLY Pinpoints Winning Trades!

In this eBook and video series,


  • 3 simple steps to scientifically determine if a pivot point, Fibonacci level or trendline breakout is valid and likely to be profitable.
  • Why many of the most popular indicators like moving average crossovers and Stochastics RSI do nothing for you except cause analysis paralysis and losses... and what you should be focused on instead.
  • How to master your emotions and make only high-probability trades.
  • Develop confidence with this formula for judging price action, trend lines, and breakouts.
  • How to spot false breakouts and potentially protect yourself from painful losses.

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Forex Confidant

Uncover the secrets to:

  • Multiply your winning percentage by choosing the correct side of the market to enter in as little as 3-minutes.
  • Discover my 13 personal Trading golden rules that protect your capital and your mental health.
  • Trade with a confident plan each day by mapping out the market support and resistance using Tom’s proven
  • Ride the wave of profits that the market is giving you instead of fighting against the tide.

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The Tao of Price

Become a laser-sharp trader and increase
your consistency of wins with:

  • The buy and sell signals that I’ve been using for YEARS to PREDICT market trends.
  • How to avoid head fakes from big market movers.
  • What to do in a consolidating, unstable market.
  • The trick to being on the right side of a price breakout.

Only $499!

“In Over my 30 years of trading experience, the market has shown me that there is a critical juncture in price movement, it is elusive but can be determined and predicted. Once Price movement surpasses a critical support or Resistance level it is able to proceed to the next critical juncture. The market itself legitimizes these price movements. An astute trader can capitalize on the message the price movement sends once it exceeds those critical levels. Tao of Price helps to map out these
levels so that we can capitalize on them in a proactive way.”

–Tom “Strignano” Alongi

The Trading Room Exclusive Membership

I got tired of “working for the man,” being a hamster on the wheel. Still, there’s one thing I miss: The camaraderie of the trading floor. You see In the quieter times dealing rooms are a laugh a minute, but when markets move, there is an intensity and a focus that is impossible to replicate in any walk of life.

It's like getting an Adrenaline Shot with steroids, and a triple-shot Cappuccino as a sidecar! So I started The Trading Room as a place to share ideas, celebrate wins, and sharpen your trading skills. It's no place for the shy or half-hearted. It's a cauldron of frenzied activity with
political correctness cast aside. It's a financial war room! The trading room is an Exclusive Membership, moderated by me, to help you become a successful trader. It’s a full-blown trading ACADEMY with practically an internship thrown in! Plus, you get my trade alerts! These include the signal, the stop loss, the take profit...everything you need to approach the market with proper execution levels to take low risk high reward trades.

What Others Are Saying...

As a purchaser of the original Forex Confidante, I found it did an excellent job at laying the correct foundation for forex trading that would benefit traders at all levels of experience. The revised version a decade plus later, literally gives you Tom’s bread-and-butter approach today trading as a Big Boy!

 I’m not sure why but Tom has decided to now include two powerful, battle-tested complete strategies to complement the original book at no extra cost. These are OpenSystem and FRETZ (Fibonacci Range Expansion Trading Zone). Open System is a sneaky blueprint to get on board the train at a busy and chaotic station (aka Market Open.) Through simple range mapping and powerful price action, the system can be used to trade mean reversal and/or breakout setups while side-stepping most market manipulation.

To further protect capital, a price-action-based, early escape plan is included. And if for some reason the market moves too fast, a hard stop behind well-defended level stakes care of business.

FRETZ on the other hand is your forex day trading “Google Maps”! This blueprint employs not one, not two, not three but four unique mapping concepts to reveal important hidden market levels. It determines clear low-risk trade entry levels, stop loss and important profit targets well in advance. Along with Tom’s killer price action, this system offers traders clear leading market feedback that can be leveraged to trade mean reversals or trend continuation thereby allowing winners to run, add to those winners at optimal entry levels and/or square at market exhaustion points. Combine both systems to day trade Forex, with Confidante! 


Trading from a mud hut in sub-Saharan Africa!

"I was an experienced trader before but now I am very calm and proactive whilst trading. I never had a winning streak of trades this high which I am on right now. You literally changed my life!”

-Marc, Berlin, Germany

"Tom has multiple decades of experience being a professional forex trader, It has opened up my eyes to techniques not taught elsewhere. Tom gives you everything needed to become a Pro Trader.”

-Craig - Sydney, Australia

"The difference between Tom and everybody else is he has 30+ years of experience. What Tom teaches you cannot find anywhere on Youtube. If you want to take your trading to the next level, take action now!”

-Raj Sing