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Tom`s win rate, since I have been following, is around 83%.
Tom has multiple decades of experience being a professional trader. This really shows with both his trade-calls and what he teaches.
It has opened up my eyes to techniques not taught elsewhere.
Tom gives you everything needed to become a Pro Trader.


Sydney, Australia

If you’ve ever dreamed of a super-effective Trading Strategy, where you’ll be able to read the foreign currency markets with the precision of a laser, then this will be the ammunition you need.

My name is Tom “Strignano” Alongi and I’m a professional Foreign Exchange Currency Trader, with over 30 years trading for International Banks.

For years I was a Chief Dealer in charge of several large trading rooms in New York. I’m now a senior trader for a Private Hedge Fund with my old colleagues, and I coach professional traders for $2,000 an hour.

Here’s What It’s All About

In a few short minutes I'll show you how to slash years off the learning curve, so you can ignite your Trading profits.

But it's crucial you understand a few things ...

First off … you can hunt down this trading information and decipher it on your own

… maybe. There are many so-called “gurus” out there pitching their courses, “Trading for Dummies”, and a few excellent out-of-print books (if you can find them).

Out of despair you may have tried "automated" trading systems, and "robots" – only to discover they are lousy, cheap tactics tapping into your desperation for push button, fast cash.

Now you’ve got a dwindling trading account with the heart-pounding panic … you’ll have to put up the family home as collateral to cover the sucking sound as your Broker vacuums funds out of your trading account to cover your losses.

This wasn't how it was supposed to be.

Let’s get past the mumbo-jumbo and cut straight to the chase … it’s time you started paying attention to an actual Insider of the trading world …

It’s time for some …

Insider Information.

Knowledge that only an elite few have been made aware of. But now …

It’s time we “crack the code” - empower the "little" guy to experience some real wealth.

I'm about to expose the very same, tried & proven systems used by World Banks and Hedge Funds who funnel billions upon billions of dollars into their pockets each and every day.

This insider information will be released to you for the very first time and all you have to do is take advantage of my easy, step-by-step blueprint.

We need to clear up something though …

I need to be sure you’re convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt - are you reeling in all the cash you can possibly handle trading?

Are you absolutely confident you can play with the Big Bank and Hedge Fund Traders… pick up on every little nuance or tiny tremor in a delicately balanced market?

These guys are rolling in the moolah, and taking their wife to Paris every year.

Are you?

And another thing …

Do you think your Broker is going to help you make the right trading decisions? In your wildest dreams do you actually think he’ll stop you from making stupid, spur-of-the-moment panic trades?

Even if he did know, he wouldn’t tell you. Know this: brokers don’t know anything about how to make money in the markets. If they did, they wouldn’t be brokers. They’d be traders! brokers are not experts in foreign exchange …

They Are Salesmen!

Listen, if you're prepared to see through the blanket of deception currently smothering the “retail” trading market … if you're ready to have the blinkers removed and see how to make real money in currency exchange ...

Stay with me for the next 3 minutes and I'll explain to you why today is your lucky day.

Why I'm The Real Deal...

Ok, wanna know the major difference between me and all these other experts out there?

I'm an actual trader.

That's right … I live it as well as talk about it. I walk the walk.

Beware of dirty tricks in the trading scene.

These lying bastards may know a little bit about trading… they just took a couple of courses, maybe had a private consult with a real professional, and push it on you like it's the second coming.

Or worse … they run seminars and webinars with the same old pitch to talk you into laying out your hard-earned cash for their “Signal Service”.

Pffft! I've had it with this bullsh*t. I'm the real deal. I traded for a living until I discovered a way to trade from home and absolutely coin it on a daily basis.

More of that in a second …

For now, be assured … I know what I'm talking about … and although no one really knows which way the economy is going right now -- these are volatile times in foreign exchange -- if you arm yourself with the right tactics ... you can win BIG!

Forex Trading Open indicator

$4,681 in 21 Hours on GPB/USD

That’s the end result of my trading last week … now I’m not promising you’ll have the same jaw-dropping success after my coaching. The vast majority of my students find it takes commitment to achieve this kind of Trading success.

But if you absorb the material I’ve put in this course – you’ll soon see Trading as the fastest and easiest way to your dreams ...

Even if you’re a rank beginner.

I’ve been on the inside learning the systems used by the titanic banking corporations the world over. The system that delivers trillions around the markets each day.

The systems I personally use and which you're about to get your hands on.

With the economy looking like a bad horror flick, time is more precious than ever before -- you need someone who will deliver the goods ...

You need something real that makes you money today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life ...

“Ok ... So What’s In It For Me?”

The only way to do this is to get your information from someone who has been there and succeeded already.

The difference here is real, from the front-line training ... using "proprietary systems" that until now only the banking glitterati had access to.

Did you read that right?

The exact same systems I used to command billions of dollars daily while working for a top bank can now be yours to use, from home, on the currency exchange market.

When I left my extremely comfortable job at the bank I decided to build wealth for myself.

I now make a great living trading from home and once you've got the system down you can work from anywhere.

The difference with my system is real hands-on training, not some bullsh*t theory but what actually works in the trenches.

You need a straight-shooter you can trust, someone who has talked the talk and walked the walk.

Trading has been really good to me, to the tune of millions over the last few years, and I'll show you exactly how I did it -- step-by-step, right down to the smallest details.

Closely Guarded Secrets From 30+ Years As A Top Bank Trader...

Hi, my name is Tom “Strignano” Alongi.

At the age of 28, I was the youngest Chief Trader ever at a top Italian bank, so it's safe to say that I know a thing or two about trading.

I was entrusted by the world banking elite to manage millions upon millions of dollars. They came to me to guard the bank's money and -- as happened one time -- I could go for a piss break and lose a fortune.

But ... these very same systems are now about to become incredible power in your hands.

Think about this ... if you're trading against the might of gigantic corporations, I mean ... what chance do you think you really have?

They've spent millions developing systems that mean they win every single time. However ...

What if you got hold of these closely guarded systems and used them for yourself? Think you'd stand a better chance?

And what if you had proven, step-by-step, golden insights into the market from a Trading veteran holding you by the hand until you too are playing the markets for fun and banking obnoxious amounts of cash?

Maybe This Sounds Familiar...?

You're sick and tired of trying to establish your retirement fund with lousy-paying 401K’s and CD’s and other bullsh*t investment funds that’ll never yield enough to pay your golf fees … let alone enough to pay for the grandkids' college fund …

You want to make a lot of money while working when you want and where you want (skiing in Aspen, lying on the beach in the Bahamas, sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris -- in fact, you can do this from literally any place in the world that has an Internet connection) ...

You're ready to take back your time, your family, your sanity, and your peace of mind -- in fact, total control of your life, to live as you see fit, not as some Pension Fund manager or government bureaucrat thinks you should!

So, here’s the deal …

The market isn't going to play nice with an amateur.

In order to grab the cash, you need to know what's really going on -- the secret code behind every single trade.

In A Single Word, I'll Tell You The One Thing That Controls The Market Over Everything Else..."


In the real world, the markets go up and down based on human emotions and reactions.

It's basic psychology -- and that's why just techniques and signals will never be able to make you rich.

Fact is -- you won't win every trade. Losses are unavoidable. But it's how you react to the losses that make the difference.

That's where a golden set of rules comes in ... Instead of getting rattled you just stick to your system.

And once you take ownership of these rules -- and if you stick to them you'll become so rich you'll be able to employ your Bank Manager as your assistant.

But you gotta stick to the rules -- promise me that. See ...

Most traders act like gamblers at the roulette table -- they keep betting more and more hoping they can turn it around.

What happens?

They end up losing everything 99 times out of 100.

The key is to let the other guys be ruled by their emotions ... with my systems you'll build on your wins and cut your losses short.

The most sophisticated computer can't predict the anarchy and chaos of the market. If you don't have a set of rules and stick to them you're going to crash ...

"If You Don't Follow A Proven Plan, The Market Will Chew You Up ...And Spit You Out!"

Every other new trader has to pay dearly for his early mistakes out of his own pocket -- a "tuition fee" for learning the ropes.

But if you follow my proven insider system, you're getting a scholarship. You skip the apprenticeship and get right to the money-making part.

The Most Expensive Rookie Trader Mistakes ...

  • Not cutting their losses -- making things worse by holding on to losing positions
  • Trading on their emotions and gut feelings instead of sticking to their rules
  • Overtrading and exposing your winnings to unacceptable risk (this is the most common blunder for new traders)

"This Information Almost Didn't See The Light Of Day"

It's a near miracle you're even getting hold of this knowledge.

After all, I cut a lot of ties and burned all bridges in getting this out into the public domain (which is why only a few will ever get their hands on this course, more of that in a moment ...)

See, I was a member of a highly secretive group who kept all their cards close to their chest.

I mean ... they didn't want the little guy getting hold of their money-siphoning techniques; they wanted to keep it all to themselves like the fat kid in a sweet shop.

And these guys are some of the greediest, savviest sharks you'll ever meet, they're predators.

Anyone caught revealing their system would be fed to the lions and frankly... that's why they don't talk to me anymore, but hey ... I'm over it ...

Check this out: Potential  $4,302 in 5 Days on EUR/AUD

EUR-AUD Forex trade

Stop Swimming With The Sharks ...

The stress was too much for me working in a corporate environment, it was dog-eat- dog ... I had to escape (have you seen the news lately about what’s going on with Wall Street?).

Using the system I learnt on the job I left the fat cats behind and took my future into my own hands. Honestly, I couldn’t stomach the sleaze and money-grabbing greed of the Big Bank crooks.

Now working from home I only have to worry about myself -- and the money ... well I've never seen anything like it.

You get to a point where you don't even have to think about whether you can afford something, a point where you can create money literally at will.

I'm handing these plans over to you, you're about to uncover the very same secret techniques I use every day to live a luxurious lifestyle.

But be warned -- If you jump right in without a plan it's a recipe for disaster ...

It may all sound complicated but don't worry -- I've already done all the hard work for you …

Forex Confidant reveals the closely guarded and much sought-after system of a top banker who has made millions from his trading.

Now you can get the very same secrets the elite banking world is trying to keep secret from the general public.

But be warned ... this system isn’t for someone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover inside this system…

  • How to multiply your winning percentage by choosing the correct side of the market to enter in as little as 3-minutes using the simple sniper method
  • Discover my 13 personal Trading golden rules that protect your capital and your mental health (you’ll live and die by these even if you have decades of experience in the markets).
  • Trade with a confident plan each day by mapping out the market support and resistance using the FRETZ blueprint and Tom’s proven compass.
  • How to ride the wave of profits that the market is giving you instead of fighting against the tide, throwing away money in a desperate attempt to follow a losing strategy.
  • Foolproof strategies to spy on what banks are planning using a simple “Open” indicator that takes just 3 minutes to make sure you’re not trading on the opposite side of big, smart money!
  • How to consistently implement the trading plan you set…in spite of your emotions…generating more profits while avoiding the frustration and confusion that plagues most traders.
  • Get access to a Proprietary Trend Degree Calculator that predicts hidden critical market fatigue…allowing you to get in or out of trades for maximum return before the market flips direction.
  • Discover a simple formula that projects the potential high and low of the next trading day…giving you confidence in initiating or escaping your trades for maximum profits.
  • Simple entry techniques that give you the confidence to flow with the plans you set for the day… and when to take notice that the market is telling something different.
  • How to listen to the market and what it’s saying instead of sabotaging your results by following your misleading internal dialogue.
  • Discover the easy and effective O.O.D.A. tactics of the military to consistently confront and come out on top of the trading battlefield.
  • The deadly secret of the markets that 99% of traders miss...and how you can leverage that fact to maximum advantage
  • Why automated systems cannot - and never will - work ( get access to a method that is time-proven and indestructible!)
  • How the wisdom of ancient Rome helped form my unique system...
  • How to target gaps in the marketplace (...and trample all over the weaker traders)
  • How to listen to the market until it virtually tells you what to do...
  • My complete blueprint to earn a six-figure income minimum from the comfort of your own home

More Astounding Proof... $6,420 In 2 Days on GBP/AUD!

GBP-AUD Forex Trading Indicator

"Wicked Secrets That Will Ignite Your Hidden Greed Gland ..."

There's nothing quite like the rush you get from spotting a market trend and cashing in on it.

But you have to know what you're doing.

Trading is like legal crack -- you get this incredible rush and it's addictive. If you don't stay in control, you'll trade like a maniac until all your money is gone. I've seen it happen again and again.

My plan was forged in the searing furnace of the European market. I had to make a whopping 8 times my salary in trading profits each year, or I would be just another bum on the street looking for a new job (although New York is not a bad place to be a street bum- until the temperature drops to 30 below).

I also had 15 other traders working below me, and their losses counted as my losses. I'm telling you I tested everything we did and only kept doing the things that made us money. (And I kept these killer tactics under lock and key.)

"The Deadly Error Every Rookie Makes (And How To Avoid It) ..." 

Don't trade on your emotions.

Your biggest trading enemy is you. It's not what the market is doing, or the economy, or the other traders, or world events.

You see, without a plan you're taking dumb risks and before you know it, you're strangling your profits.

Most traders are more careful with their shopping. If you're spending $1,000 on new golf clubs, you'll compare prices and brands and try out different sets before buying.

Yet the same guy will blow $1,000 on a trade based only on a flimsy "hunch."

Without a proven plan, you're trading on your emotions. You're hypnotized by the constant movements of the market, and make trades based on "feelings."

The problem is most market movements are meaningless. You have to look at the big picture. You always want to be one step ahead

That's why a proven plan is essential if you want to make good money and make it consistently.

Cold, hard facts:

The market doesn't give a damn about you.

It's big and impersonal and runs by its own rules. You don't tell the market what to do...

If you try and force trades based on what you think should happen, you'll be in for a very rude slap in the ass.

You trade according to what's actually going on, not what you think you see or what you wish you see.

And you do that by following the steps in my plan. These closely-held secret trading strategies have worked for me to the tune of millions each year. Do the same things I did and you'll change your life forever …

The Golden Ratio and The Golden Mean -- I live and die by these ratios and you will too

My exclusive Fibonacci Ratios pinched from the Commercial Banks – study the videos and learn the selection of price points – the same ones used by the Dealers in Banks, and Hedge Funds.

Why you must never, ever think about the money (it sounds odd but failure to ignore the cash could mean you pull the trigger too late).

How to become one with the market (sounds a little woo-woo doesn’t it?) ... go with the flow or be crushed!

Discover how past prices will reveal future price activity. How drawing a simple (read: critical) line on a chart forces you to listen to what the market is telling you (and don’t allow your trading to get hijacked by the latest news story – like the rest of the newbies).

Words from my mentor -- "you have to ___ in ___ (sorry, too risky to give that out here) ...

The "Trading Roadmap" that forces you to resist emotional traps that lure you into catastrophic trades.

  . It's the secret to a good system to make you financially secure ...

A Bullet-Proof way to save you from panic – and GREED – to avoid poor or irrational trades… every time.

The little-known Fibonacci technique that’ll make you money day in and day out ...

How to skyrocket your profits in Trading time, and time again – even when it seems you’re on a losing streak.

A magic little bit of arithmetic that’ll give you clues to what’s going on with all the major currencies (even if you flunked math).

A system that makes the difference between great trading performance … and crappy performance. This module alone will set you far above most Professional Bank Traders.

"I've Done All The Work For You Already -- You Just Need To Get Moving Right Now..."

Master it in a weekend. That's why I developed "Forex Confidant". It's all there -- step-by-step and easy to understand.

I test my theories very carefully and throw out the ones that don't make me money. I ignore the noise and concentrate on the gold nuggets -- the stuff that's proven to bring in the big bucks.

And that's what you get in "Forex Confidant". But you won't start making money until you act.

"Why should you listen to me?"

Look, I've cracked the code. I learned everything there was to know about trading from the old-timers and took it to a whole new frontier.

I hauled in record-breaking profits when I worked for the biggest European banks, and now I use that experience to make an impressive living from home, working just a few hours a week. (Time to hang out with my little girls, now that's what I'm talking about!)

I work when I want, and make more money than ever.

I've traded with some of the biggest names in the biz.

Many you probably haven't heard of, some you have (George Soros once cost me $1.25 million when I left the room for 30 seconds on a bathroom break!). With "Forex Confidant" you won't have to empty your wallet.

Go ahead and give yourself migraines figuring this stuff out. Or skip that part and grab your copy instead.

Then head straight for the dough -- it's up to you ...

Check this out both sides ....$3,420 sale value 2 Days...$2,625 buy value in 2 Days!

Forex Trading Buying Signal

"Make Obscene Amounts of Money With A Unique And Proven Trading System That Works…”

You'll get real-world tactics that let you keep the money you make:

  • Why you have to avoid AT ALL COST trading with "scared money" (...this is what brings down over 90% of rookie traders!)
  • The Golden Ratio and The Golden Mean -- I live and die by these ratios and you will too ...
  • The one thing you MUST do when you're on the losing end of a trade (... if you don't do this, you'll begin a fast, whirling descent to the bottom)

It's still the Wild, Wild West out there -- nobody can predict what's going to happen, especially in these doom-laden economic times.

The only way to survive the vicious trading jungle is to follow the rules in my course. But you have to remember the golden rules ...

Leave your ego at the door and ignore your emotions.

You can be "right" or you can make money -- simple as that. I got rich by not caring if I was "right."

Follow my system and put the money in your pocket.

I'm Ready To Invest In My Future!

The Forex Confidant Video Course Includes 4 Main Modules Divided into Short, Easy-to-Digest Video Lesson…

Module 1 - Avoid False Breaks and Whipsaws

Many Short Term Moves tend to not follow through in the direction anticipated.  In This Module, you’ll discover how to quickly and easily calculate…

  • Buying Pressure: Is the Market Poised For a Breakout upward against a Pivot Level, Fibonacci Level, or resistance line?
  • Selling Pressure: Is the market Poised for a downward break against a pivot level, Fibonacci Level or Support Line?
  •  The OODA strategy: Determine the right context and immediate action for maximum trading excellence.

Module 2 - Trend Telepathy

  • Discover how to "read the market's mind" so you can see behind all the noise and trade with the true trend.
  • How Dow Theory allows you to see organization in chaotic markets so you can identify current market trends with greater accuracy and confidence.
  • 2 simple indicators save you from expensive mistakes by giving you a huge warning light that the trend is about to change direction.- How to exploit potential price levels for lower risk, higher reward trades.
  • Boost profits and reduce losses by spotting potential changes in trends in real-time or even days in advance.

Module 3 - Forex Confidant Method

  • The keys to identifying proper points to draw Reactionary Support (Demand Points) and Resistance line (Supply Points)
  • How to use Fibonacci ratios to create an escape plan and take as much money off the table as possible when a trade reverses.
  • Learn how to gain an edge with low-risk, high-reward trades. Use the "Coffin Box" method to uncover areas where price vacuums occur alerting you to the potential for a strong move upward.

Module 4 - Open Blueprint

  • Everyone wants to know what the Commercial banks’ orders are for the Session…because they move the market.  "Open Blueprint" is the simple 3-minute proprietary method of spying on banks' order flows for the session. 
  • Discover IF and WHERE the banks have sell orders
  • Discover IF and WHERE the banks have buy orders
  • Learn to detect optimal times to buy dips and sell peaks with low risk and high reward
  • See live trades captured for you with the Open Blueprint in use, so you can easily understand the system.

Module 5 - FRETZ Proprietary System Fibonacci Range Expansion Break Out 

  • Use a Market Map to identify institutional levels that significantly improve the risk/reward ratio on all trades executed.  (It also warns you of when to fade the move!)
  •  Watch a live video capture where the Market Map predicted the GBP/JPY high. See how you can do the same…

Bonus VIDEO Module - Market Tells

Just as in the game of poker, your opponent has certain “Tells” you can read to determine when the market is bluffing. Don’t get caught in the wrong direction!

  •  Market Tell Number 1: Discover how to determine accumulation and distribution and what needs to occur for a major breakout up or patdown
  • Market Tell Number 2: The ridiculously simple explanation (that everyone misses) that tells you when the market is about to top out.
  •  Market Tell Number 3: Uncover the secret to determining the unique direction of an ever-trending market in any time frame,

Are You ready to finally make the playing field level?  

Are you ready to stand up to the bullies in the market and win?  

Are you ready to join the small handful of people who…

  • Manage Their money like a Professional.
  • Trade Like an expert.
  • Think like a millionaire Hedge Fund Trader.
  • Have confidence in your trade decisions.

Join us and become a Park Avenue Trader!

This comprehensive program gives you the keys to turning your trading into your personal  Goldmine of Profits and Confidence.

When you learn to trade correctly, thousands will come to you easier than hundreds did in your days of ignorance!

"Whoa ... This Complete System Must Cost a Bundle..."

I'll tell you the price in just a second but I want you to understand something.

I could get away with charging an arm and a leg for this ... I mean, where else are you going to get such a quick and easy way to make a fantastic living?

And more than that ... you won't see a closely guarded system of this type anywhere else.

"Forex Confidant" is much more than a course ... it's a total key to your liberation!

You're getting a solid, proven step-by-step system that sets you up for the rest of your life.

I spent 20 years of my life working my ass off in banks to learn everything there is to know about trading. And that's not counting the additional $100,000 for private trading seminars and workshops on the evenings and weekends.

But you can quickly and easily go from complete newbie to making an income that turns trading veterans green with envy ...

"Can You Really Make A Decent Living Just Trading?"

YES ... a solid income is very possible if you follow my plan and stick to it.

Forex Confidant is an easy-to-follow blueprint. I've distilled the system down to a simple method so there's no room for error.

You don't need to be a math whiz or a computer geek. You already have what it takes.

... You just need to take action ...

"Ok, So What Is The Price?"

Traders will pay top dollar to get hold of this information.

It's worth millions to them. Seriously ... if people are making thousands of dollars every hour and success and failure are poised on a knife edge ...

How much would you pay to have insider knowledge so it becomes impossible for you to lose?

You're going to find out how to move with the flow of the markets.

You won't be focused on the money you're making when you trade ... the big money comes as a by-product of this fail-safe system.

I know bankers who would sell their own mothers to get their greedy mitts on this formula.

But I'm not going to ask for any of your relatives. You will have to pay though. You have no idea of the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get this out to you.

However, you won't have to pay my original and very fair price of $997.

I decided at that price only the fat cats who I hate would be able to afford the course. After all ... you've not joined the elite yet, not until you finish this course.

So I settled on $397 for total access to my millionaire-making inner sanctum. And yet even though this is exclusive and proprietary information, I wanted to get this in the hands of as many traders as possible.

So you can grab this all now - while the banking elite isn't watching - for only $199!

"The Definition of Insanity Is Doing The Same Things Over And Over and Expecting Different Results ..."

If you're trading randomly and without a plan, playing on hunches and "instinct," then you may as well just dump your money into the slot machines in Vegas and hope for that 1-in-a-million big payoff.

Or you can follow a proven system of money-making rules. Stick to it.

Don't be a gambler ... be a winner.

But here's the bad news I warned you about ... in order to keep the exclusivity of this offer I've had to be tough on you.

I can only allow a few into my inner circle.

It’s better for me and it's vital for you that as few people know about this as possible... and I don't just mean the actual system but the fact I'm giving away this system for so little.

The guys back in their offices would tear my head off if they found out what I was doing (and they already hate my guts!)

So I've limited this information ... only a few dozen people will get their hands on it.

If you're seeing this webpage then you're just in time. I urge you to grab the opportunity now before I take down this offer ...

Or before I'm silenced forever...

Enough already -- time to finally write your own ticket and live your life to the hilt.

Let's get started


Tom, I’m ready to finally invest in my future.  I’m tired of financial troubles and being controlled by others.  This is the trading opportunity I’ve been ready for.  

I understand that I'll get immediate digital access to your personal trading blueprint you used to make millions from home…

There is zero risk on my part because I'm backed by a 60-day full money-back guarantee.  But there is a limited amount of time so I'm clicking the order button now. 

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I understand you may still be skeptical so I've removed any risk ...

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you think that Forex Confidant under-delivers, you can get a full refund anytime within 60 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll give you a swift refund.

Look over everything in my package and give it a try..

If you don't feel I've over-delivered in every possible way on everything I'm giving you ...

Or for any reason you decide that trading isn't the right path for you ...

You have up to 8 weeks to ask me for a refund.

You'll get 100% of your money back, promptly and courteously with no questions asked!

I can make this guarantee because I know my system works and I believe in it 200%.

Forex Confidant Deluxe $397 $199!

You get...

  • Forex Confidant eBook
  • 21 detailed videos showing examples of these proprietary concepts in real market situations
  • Explanations of what you'll learn, why it matters, and how to use it!
  • Forex Confidant ebook about Forex Trading
    • Module 1: Avoid False Breaks and Whipsaws 
    • Module 2: Trend Telepathy
    • Module 3: The Forex Confidant Method
    • Module 4: The Open Blueprint
    • Module 5: FRETZ Proprietary System
    • Bonus Videos: Market Tells, One Month Trend Degree Indicator on Trading View

     And here's yet another option to get you started...

    Forex Confidant eBook Only $299


    Forex Confidant eBook

    The one true step-by-step plan that rockets me into the elite top 5% of traders who are successful. I'm ready to make my dreams a reality.

    Once you've gone through the course and start trading, you'll be smacking yourself in the head wondering why you stayed in your rut for so long ... Do yourself a favor and log into the course right now...

    To your trading success!

    Tom “Strignano” Alongi

    "Forex Confidant"

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    Here's What Others Are Saying About My Proven Systems


    I have had the privilege of knowing Tom for an extensive period, and I have had the opportunity to trade under his guidance. Without a doubt, he stands out as one of the most astute individuals in the market. His expertise has led him to develop a multitude of highly successful trading systems, which he graciously imparted to me. I still find it hard to believe that he is now offering these valuable systems to the public. Among his impressive offerings, the Trend Reactionary Numbers system stands out as truly remarkable. The insights provided by this system alone are worth a substantial fortune.

    Marc D



    You have taken me from someone who was basically treading water to a completely different level. I am now making good returns and you gave me the skills and confidence so that I can trade any state of themarket. Your systems have taken the emotion out of my trading and I feel like I am trading like a professional. I was introduced to a bank trader through a mutual friend just last week, and we were discussing the market and he could not believe that I had been trading only 9 months he thought I had been trading for at least

    five years. And this is purely from your systems and mentoring. So again thanks for turning me from a newbie to a profitable and successful forex trader.

    Adrian F
    United States


    Hi Tom –  One trade after reading through your material and a private session with you – and the course has paid for itself.  One trade!  A million thanks!   : )