September 19

Create Your Own Economy


Stop giving a rat’s bottom what the President, Congress, the FED, or your boss promise you.

As long as you rely on the ‘economy’, you’re at the mercy of those who couldn’t care less about you.

If you want to excel in your personal and financial life, you must own your own economics.

When you own your own economics, you can follow your dreams of travel, experience new beautiful restaurants, maybe finally learn to play that musical instrument you never had time for before.

man playing guitar

When you own your own economics you stand apart from the crowd.

They’re fixated on national or Global economic Gloom and Doom.

They’re living lives of quiet desperation because their personal or professional lives are based on these economic Bullocks!

The economy is not going to get any BETTER for most people.

It will only improve for those who create their own economy.

I am not going to gloss over the fact that it will be challenging. You will need to be Diligent, Strong, Persistent, and have your Game Face on!

Many people realize their salary is just a Hammock – a place where you sit back and enjoy if it’s good enough. (Sounds nice, but what do you do when something unexpected happens?)

They think of opening a franchise, or any other type of brick-and-mortar business. Very large capital expenditures and small margins to make money.  Plus the time investment is enormous. Aside from those negatives, those businesses are tied to the national and global economy, subject to the crowds (your customers) opinion on their economic future.

How can that be a safe low-risk play?

However, if you put yourself at the critical exchange point where all business is transacted (Trading Currencies) you will be at the wholesale level of the total global economy.

The capital requirements pail in comparison to a franchise.

McDonald's hamburger

The time required is set by you.

You can trade from anywhere(laptop and internet connection required).

Most importantly, you will be outside the crowd and create your own economy.

At Park Avenue Traders we help the novice and experienced trader alike focus on that critical exchange point.

By teaching and trading professionally crafted systems (along with personal support), using astute money management with a “No Trader Left Behind” policy we create a new breed of entrepreneur, market-wise, leaner, faster, and FREE from 3rd party market analysis.

At Park Avenue Trading, we as a group, armed with the same cerebral weapons, wage Guerilla War against the Big Banks and Hedge Funds and win!

If you want to own your own economics and join a community of like-minded individuals join Park Avenue Traders NOW!

I implore you NOT to kick the idea of joining us for too long, the inherent nature of one-to-one coaching can only be done for a small group.

Pull the trigger and put the lead on the target. To make it a low-risk play I offer you a safe and unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

See you in the Trading Room!

(Bring Coffee and a Bagel.)




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