September 25

Simple Forex Trading Profits for Beginners  


The Forex and Crypto trading marketplace is full of grandiose promises.

Many so-called gurus are fly-by-night.  They’re here this moment, gone the next day.

Too many hucksters make pie-in-the-sky promises of $10,000 or even more per week. Hell, some have gotten so bold as to promise that per day!

They prey on your dreams, sprinkle it with a time-limited “scarcity” countdown timer, and, “wham” many fork over their hard-earned cash!  There is a transfer of wealth, from YOU to them.

Compare this to what I’m offering you…

Yes, I want you to order my trading systems. And yes, I want you to join my trading room.

But I make NO pie-in-the sky promises, and I plan to be around at least another 15 years.

I want to develop a relationship with you so we attain our goals together.

We’ll do this by following tried and true trading systems, great money management, and realistic expectations.

It’s a win-win relationship. I want to invite you behind the curtain, into a tight-knit community of smart traders.

It’s a club united by a common interest or goal; beating the banks and hedge funds at their own game.

Many at-home traders want to achieve $1 million in trading profits in their lifetime.

It is a dream that most traders do not expect to achieve in less than a decade.

If you’re a beginner who thinks you’ll reach $1 million in trading profits next week, then I’m sorry, this community isn’t for you.

Lofty goals are good, but you need to keep your feet planted on firm ground.

I recently had a conversation with Paul, a fellow retired Institutional trader of CRT NY (since he is British he calls himself a Pensioner).

I asked his opinion on how I could set myself apart from the get-rich-quick gang of traders out there.

His statement was profound. He said just break it down to the ridiculously simple. Use an example of what we do, to drive the point across.

Here it is:

Example: If you currently make $60,000 per year in your current “job” (vocation for some), a supplement of $20,000 per year would be welcome.

The Ridiculously Simple Trading Break Down:

$20,000 Profit For Year

$1666.66  per month for the next 12 months.

$416.50  profits per week for the next 52 weeks

$83.30 per day on average for the next 252 trading days.

If you have the account ability to trade 1/2 lot in currency that would be about 25 ticks a day profit.

If you have a large account size so you can trade other financial instruments, then…

This amounts to 1/2 ticks per day in the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Index…

Or less than 2 ticks per day in bonds…

Or $.75 in stock trading 100 lots per day…

Or 2 ticks per day in the coffee market…

You get the picture.

My goal is to give you the ability to potentially do this and much more.

How? As I stated above,

We will do this by following tried and true trading systems, great money

management, and realistic expectations.

If you want to join my inner circle, try out the Park Avenue Trading Room Now!

Step off the curb and into the flow.  You can achieve what you believe you can.

Most important of all, you will gain the experience you need to have faith in yourself.

You could potentially gain new lifelong friends all with the love of trading.

All this with a money-back safety net.

Join The Park Avenue Trading Room Now!


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