About Me

Hi…I’m Tom!
I’ve been in the Forex market for over 35 years.

Tom Strignano

I started in the back office learning the ropes and worked as a chief trader for both CRT and Chief Cross Trader DG Bank in NY.

My trades have generated over $60 million dollars. (That’s not bragging, that’s survival! In order to keep my job I needed to generate $2.5 million a year or else I would have been fired!)

And what’s more, while both CRT and Deutsche Bank were a couple of the largest banks in the world, they were also very conservative…which forced me to learn strategies for minimizing risk and maximizing profit. I couldn’t afford to lose big, so I had to look for the safest opportunities to generate profits.  And I’m glad…because it forced me to really LEARN the market and hone my skills.  But, while it was exciting, after 30 years of working for big banks I got tired of the rat race.  Tired of making money for big corporations.

So I started mentoring private traders…and found I really enjoyed it.

Then, one of my mentees suggested that I write a book, so I did. (Two, in fact!)

But, while I was enjoying mentoring, I missed the energy and camaraderie of the trading floor…the sharing of ideas, the joking around, the celebrations of victories.

So out of that void came the idea of The Trading Room. A place where I could share trading tips, strategies, and celebrations with a bunch of like-minded traders.

That’s where I am today…sharing my passion for the market in trade calls, mini-lessons, and Q+As. If you are interested in learning more, check out the link below!