Tired of all the overblown hype from fake gurus scheming to take your money?

Why is This 35-Year Forex Veteran Willing to Share His Proprietary Trading Secrets, Send You Daily Trading Alerts, and Invite You into His Exclusive Trading Room?

In the Dog-Eat-Dog World of Professional Banks, He had to Generate a Minimum of $2.5 Million Each Year or Be Fired...And Now He's Sharing the Knowledge They Don't Want You to Know.

If you’re interested in winning trades and MAKING Money instead of blowing up your account and LOSING money...time and time again...then you’re going to LOVE the Trading Room!

End the frustration and the confusion. Develop real confidence, because you’re no longer alone on this journey...

Gain the advantage of an experienced mentor who was a chief trader for big banks for decades.

Because it’s a jungle out there filled with predators that want to eat you for breakfast.

And the reality is, they designed the market like that on purpose.

There’s a low bar of entry: Simply fill out a few forms, open an account, and you’re in.


They want your money.

The brokers and big banks rig the system to devour all the small accounts. Then there are all these fly-by-night inexperienced traders taking advantage of your frustration with their overpriced courses and idiotic Youtube trading “advice.”  These 20-something “gurus” promote their “300 pip system” that they’ve fabricated like a Monday morning quarterback, but they don’t have any REAL experience as traders. (Hint: they’re making money by selling bogus trading tips, NOT with their Forex account!)

I’m sick of it.

How can you possibly fight back and defend yourself?

They’ve got massive accounts, years of experience, and inside information.

So, not trusting the brokers or the gurus, you forge off on your own.

You try some system you found on Youtube. It seems like it’s working at first and you make a few pips. But you don’t really understand the nuances, so when a reversal comes in the market that stops you out, you doubt the system...try a few adjustments, then lose your shirt.

So you try another system.

And the same thing happens.

You get frustrated.

How do you explain losing money over and over again to your spouse and friends?

So you give up.


Believe me...I completely understand.

But I’m here to tell you that, while trading can be challenging, it can also be low risk and highly profitable...

If you take the time to LEARN how with an experienced mentor.

Forex Trader

Get the support you NEED in the Trading Room!

Hi...I’m Tom!

I’ve been in the Forex market for over 35 years.I started in the back rooms learning the ropes and worked as a chief trader for both CRT and Deutsche banks.

My trades have generated over $60 million dollars. (That’s not bragging, that’s survival! In order to keep my job I needed to generate $2.5 million a year or else I would have been fired!)

And what’s more, while both CRT and Deutsche Bank were a couple of the largest banks in the world, they were also very conservative...which forced me to learn strategies for minimizing risk and maximizing profit. I couldn’t afford to lose big, so I had to look for the safest opportunities to generate profits.  And now, I want to share those strategies with you.

The Trading Room

Remember those predators in the jungle?

Well, the only way our ancestors survived them was through brainpower and community.

You can’t fight a tiger with bare hands and win.

You develop technologies to build weapons and you stand with your village to drive the tiger away.

And that’s the idea behind The Trading Room.

I’ll help you take the stress out of trading!

The trading room is an Exclusive Membership, moderated by me, to help you become a successful trader.

It’s a full-blown trading ACADEMY with an internship thrown in!

What do I mean by that?

Well, as a member you get my two manuals, Forex Confidant and The Tao of Price, plus the video courses on trading.

But that’s where other trading memberships end. They chuck a bunch of material on you (of questionable worth) then say “AMFYOYO”. (Adios, Mother F@$@#$, you’re on your own!)

What kind of teaching is that?

This is what’s different about The Trading Room...

You get all the materials...

But I continue to be there with you every step of the way.

I provide TRADE ALERTS!...the signal, the stop loss...so you can make the same trades that I do in real time! (This feature alone could pay for your membership!)

See exactly what I’m doing...

And as the trades play out, I often follow up with an analysis of what happened and why.

Plus, I open a live call each week for you to drop in and ask questions about the markets, books, videos, trades..or my favorite cigar choices...whatever floats your boat.

You can bet your ass you won’t get that kind of support in any other trading course!

So let’s take a closer look.

As a member of the trading room, you will

  • Receive real-time trade alerts
  • Have a 35-year veteran mentor to guide you through the learning process...never feel alone again!
  • Trade with confidence instead of fear
  • Increase your knowledge on how to trade profitably and minimize risk (Of course, there’s no guarantee of this...no system is perfect. However, members who followed all of our trade recommendations the past month could have made a 40% profit!)
  • Plug into a system that can produce long-term success in Trading with limited risk.

You’ll discover :

  • How to sneak peeks at what the big banks are planning for the day to predict which way the market’s going to trend. (I learned the hard way by trying to call “friends” in the banking business...the rat bastards all lied!) My insider strategy sees through the B.S!
  • Why rookies (and even seasoned pros) lose big when they trade “news” instead of technicals.
  • The real secrets of trend analysis (and why traditional trend lines don’t give you the complete picture you need to consistently profit while making low risk trades) 
  • The secret to using “percentage off” tactics to put money in your pocket.
  • How to avoid the traps set for novice traders by big account sharks.
  • How Trend Reactionary Numbers predict market movement with stunning accuracy. (I know you’ve never heard of this...it’s a proprietary system that I developed. Big accounts would LOVE to get their greedy little hands on it.)
  • Why Daily Moving Averages are USELESS (and virtually guarantee you’re trading yesterday’s moves)!
  • The KEY components of using OODA (a military battlefield strategy) to help you stay focused in choppy markets and save you from ripping your hair out.
  • 3 vital strategies for Money Management (Protect your investment for the long haul!)
  • 5 tricks for finding low-risk/high-reward entry points
  • The critical techniques to pyramid your position (add to a winning position)that nobody talks about!
  • Why just using Fibonacci ratios leaves money on the table. (Instead, I developed what I call the FRETZ System to spot projected tops and bottoms)

And much more that simply won’t make sense until you become a part of my inner circle community.

What You Get...

LIVE Trading Tips and Advice

Receive Daily Messages with LIVE trading tips and advice. Watch over my shoulder in real time as I execute real trades giving you the exact entry points, stop-losses, and take profit points!

Forex Confidant ebook about Forex Trading

Immediate access to The Forex Confidant course that provides the critical foundational knowledge for success with my system of trading.

The Forex Confidant Video Course Includes 4 Main Modules Divided into Short, Easy-to-Digest Video Lesson…

Module 1 - Avoid False Breaks and Whipsaws

Many Short Term Moves tend to not follow through in the direction anticipated.  In This Module, you’ll discover how to quickly and easily calculate…

  • Buying Pressure: Is the Market Poised For a Breakout upward against a Pivot Level, Fibonacci Level, or resistance line?
  • Selling Pressure: Is the market Poised for a downward break against a pivot level, Fibonacci Level or Support Line?
  •  The OODA strategy: Determine the right context and immediate action for maximum trading excellence.
Module 2 - Trend Telepathy
  • Discover how to "read the market's mind" so you can see behind all the noise and trade with the true trend.
  • How Dow Theory allows you to see organization in chaotic markets so you can identify current market trends with greater accuracy and confidence.
  • 2 simple indicators save you from expensive mistakes by giving you a huge warning light that the trend is about to change direction.- How to exploit potential price levels for lower risk, higher reward trades.
  • Boost profits and reduce losses by spotting potential changes in trends in real-time or even days in advance.
Module 3 - Forex Confidant Method
  • The keys to identifying proper points to draw Reactionary Support (demand points) and Resistance line (Supply Points)
  • How to use Fibonacci ratios to create an escape plan and take as much money off the table as possible when a trade reverses.
  • Learn how to gain an edge with low-risk, high-reward trades. Use the "Coffin Box" method to uncover areas where price vacuums occur alerting you to the potential for a strong move upward.
Module 4 - Open Blueprint
  • Everyone wants to know what the Commercial banks’ orders are for the Session…because they move the market.  "Open Blueprint" is the simple 3-minute proprietary method of spying on banks' order flows for the session. 
  • Discover IF and WHERE the banks have sell orders
  • Discover IF and WHERE the banks have buy orders
  • Learn to detect optimal times to buy dips and sell peaks with low risk and high reward
  • See live trades captured for you with the Open Blueprint in use, so you can easily understand the system.
Module 5 - FRETZ Proprietary System Fibonacci Range Expansion Break Out
  • Use a Market Map to identify institutional levels that significantly improve the risk/reward ratio on all trades executed.  (It also warns you of when to fade the move!)
  •  Watch a live video capture where the Market Map predicted the GBP/JPY high. See how you can do the same…
Bonus VIDEO Module - Market Tells:

Just as in the game of poker, your opponent has certain “Tells” you can read to determine when the market is bluffing. Don’t get caught in the wrong direction!

  •  Market Tell Number 1: Discover how to determine accumulation and distribution and what needs to occur for a major breakout up or patdown
  • Market Tell Number 2: The ridiculously simple explanation (that everyone misses) that tells you when the market is about to top out.
  •  Market Tell Number 3: Uncover the secret to determining the unique direction of an ever-trending market in any time frame,

The Tao of Price Advanced Price Action Trading Course Book and Videos

The Tao of Price 56-page ebook and 16 videos outline leading-edge price action-based trading strategies. Rather than relying on guessing, convoluted (and outdated) news reporting, or “hunches,” you can base your trading decisions on RELIABLE tactics that I’ve been using for years

Tao of Price Forex Trading

This course shows you...

  • How breakaway bars signal upcoming trends
  • The significance of narrow and inside bars
  • What to do in a consolidating, unstable market
  • How to spot low risk, high value trades using my exclusive ‘buy and sell envelopes’ signals.
  • The trick to being on the right side of a breakout
  • The power of “Closing Price Reversal” signals...and how to use them to avoid head fakes from the big market movers
  • The buy and sell signals that I’ve been using for YEARS that allow me to PREDICT market trends, stay ahead of the competition, and earn a luxurious full-time living from trading!

Weekly Live Trade Calls with Me

Here you can ask questions relevant to YOU! (I’m not just going to dump information on you to absorb all on your own. I’m there every  week to give you and the other members the support you need!)

FREE Software to make trades clear, fast, and easy!

As a member of the Trading Room, you get immediate access to several proprietary software tools that I developed to complement my trading system.

These tools calculate projected price points, using signals no one else is using, with uncanny accuracy. (In fact, I have to admit, there were times when I looked at a number and said, “no f-ing way,” didn’t make the trade, and kicked myself when the tool was right and I was wrong...Doh!)

You see, one of the major obstacles to modern trading is the barrage of information. You’re trying to keep track of multiple currency pairs, time zones, and buying/selling signals while calculating stop losses, risk margins, account levels, and a whole lotta noise!

And when you get overwhelmed, you make stupid decisions.

In order to help manage the signals and systems that I use, I engineered software tools that identify market tells. Now I just focus on just following my trading rules and watch the wins stack up!

These are not to be confused with cheap-assed BOTS peddled by a bunch of shamsters. My software, when in the hands of skilled traders, makes identification and calculation so much faster and easier!

Designed as plug-ins for the free trading tool Tradingview, you get ALL of the following advanced tools FREE as a member of the Trading Room:

Trend Degree Calculator

Trend degrees are GROUNDBREAKING indicators that I’ve developed that predict market movement with laser-like accuracy. And while I can’t give away all my secrets here, Trend Degrees are based on standard deviation principles. Most trades fall in a particular price pattern, so I worked with a mathematician to create an algorithm that calculates where prices are most likely to snap back to “normal.” Simply plug in a few technical data points and predict market turning points like a fortune teller.

Trend Reactionary Number Levels

Slightly different from the Trend Degree Calculator, the Trend Reactionary Number Levels measure the “legs” of a move. Then, based on the “waves,” this calculator predicts where the market levels of support and resistance will be. (When I was working at the trade desk, my colleagues all called these the “magic numbers!”) This kind of information makes setting market entry and exit points a breeze!  These levels are posted on an exclusive members-only web portal.

“Tao of Price” Indicator

Another tool that I developed, the Tao of Price indicator calculates “Thrust,” which helps me forecast the most likely price levels that a value will rise or fall to. For example, it calculates which price the market needs to hit before it is likely to hit another landmark. (And if it hits the second level, you can bet your ass it’s going to hit the third!) This strategy allows me to predict significant market swings and generate BIG PROFITS when opportunities arise!

Hook 11 Patterns for Continued Moves

The market is run by human beings...who are habitual by nature. And these habits create cycles and patterns. Although multiple variables make these patterns complex and ALMOST imperceptible...they CAN be identified...then profited on. “Hook 11” quickly and easily identifies buy and sell signals which I use to determine entry and exit points. No more guessing! “Hope” is not a plan...strategy is!

How My System Works?

My system is an assembly of several smaller systems built around psychology, risk management, and forecasting...developed and tested over 35 years in the most ruthless environment possible...the inter-bank market.

And it’s based on Price Action.

Which means I’m not paying attention to the whims of hearsay and what-ifs. I’m relying on what the market tells me each and every day through the hard data of PRICE.
And PRICE is what influences human nature in the market.


So much of trading revolves around the emotions of fear and greed.

I’m not kidding.

The fear of losing money (so you sell early) and the greed that keeps you in a trade when you should cut your losses. So my system takes advantage of those trends...as long as you.


And, really...this is what makes it possible to consistently trade the system...not your emotions.

Simply follow the rules and “fahget about it!” (With your best Italian accent!)
My biggest mistakes, (yes, I’m human, I make them) almost always come when I second-guess my rules. So that’s where risk management comes in.

Risk Management

Since trading was my full-time job, I had to take a long-haul approach to trading. I had to come
up with a system that minimized losses while taking advantage of winners.

Or else I was FIRED!

By knowing how to cut losses and let winners run, you reduce fear and anxiety while stacking wins on top of each other for big gains!

My risk management system is a simple set of rules that tell you exactly how to enter and exit the market.

No muss, no fuss, and no second-guessing yourself.

Because I’ve seen my system work over and over again, I can trade with confidence.
I know that my reward will outperform my risk.


This is where the real magic is. Once you understand the psychology of the market and can manage risk, the final step is to be able to forecast what the market is going to do.
I know, I know...”No one can see into the future.”


Remember fear and greed?

The market is dominated by humans...who are habitual creatures. Fear and greed occur in patterns.

And once you understand the keys to those patterns, you can rely on price action indicators to gain statistical advantages in forecasting market price.

Which is much better than garbage like “daily moving averages” that only tell you where the market has BEEN not where it will BE!

The market is nothing but a repetition of past movements.

After working in the market, learning from mentors, and studying historical masters, I’ve
discovered the REAL indicators of market direction.

Are they right all the time? Of course not! (Like I said, I’m not an overhype kind of guy trying to B.S you).

But STATISTICALLY, these patterns hold true over time.

And when you mitigate losses and stack win after win on top of each other...

Well, my trades have generated over $60,000,000 in 35 years.

All based on a system I desperately created to keep my job.

(And I wish I had been able to create it faster...I would have saved myself some hair and a few teeth!)

Because without it, I was flying blind and was subjected to the whims of the market. I was so stressed I walked like Frankenstein around the trading floor. But once I got it down and refined it, I traded with confidence.

So Why Am I Offering to Share the System with You?

I remember what it was like starting out.

There was this girl...

Well, before the girl, there was a bet.

A case of beer that I couldn’t get her to go out with me.

And for me in college, that was a hefty bet.

But I took it and won.

And through her, I got my first glimpse into the world of wealth.

We always took her car because mine looked like a crushed beer can.

I tried to take her out to eat for the first time..but she looked at me with such disdain and said, “I don’t eat Sizzler...” Then I met her uncle who was a Forex trader with planes, a yacht, and a Jaguar, and I thought...

“I want to do what he does.”

Because driving a crushed beer made me feel like an outsider. One of the “have nots.” A dirtbag who ate Sizzler.

So when Uncle Mark offered to get me a job I said yes.

(It’s always easier when you know someone on the inside!)

The relationship with the girl didn’t work out...but the career did. And I remember VERY CLEARLY what it was like to DESPERATELY want access to that world but have no idea how to do it.

Of feeling scared to death EVERY time I made a trade that if it lost money it would be the end of the world.

Of being angry and frustrated at the big banks who preyed on the little guys. So I know what it feels like.
And I want to share what I know with people wanting their own “in” in the trading world.

How do I know this exclusive membership will work for me?

I’m sure you’re thinking, “What makes this yahoo different from all the other scammer predators out there?”

“How do I know this system works?”

(Good for you...now you’re thinking like a trader!)

Here’s the deal...

Like I said, I’ve made over $60,000,000 in the Forex market over 35 years as a chief trader.

But it was time to get out...for a couple of reasons...

First, I’m sick of working for “the man” and helping huge conglomerate banks bully the little guys. It’s time to level the playing field.

Plus, the reality is, after being part of that scene for so long, my priorities have changed. While that lifestyle was exciting when I was younger, it’s time for something different. Working for big banks made me feel like I was buying and selling wind...

While the money was nice, after a while it just felt meaningless...I wasn’t really building anything. (It was a kind of lonely enterprise, actually!)

Then out of the blue, some young kid emailed and asked me to teach him how to trade Forex. Not thinking that he’d really stick with it I invited him into one of my insider groups.

And I’ll be damned if he didn’t start making money.

But the real surprise was on my end...

I enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing a student succeed. (I guess I have the heart of a teacher). And as Marc got better and better at trading, he told me...”You’ve got to write a book. You can’t die without sharing what you know.”

(Out of the mouths of babes, right?!)

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was time to build a legacy instead of buying and selling wind.

And The Trading Room was born.

And another one of the things that I really love about it is the camaraderie! With a bunch of like-minded people in there, it reminds me of the old days on the trading floor...making up fun nicknames for each other, hooting and hollering over the wins, and sharing strategies. All the good things without the stress!

Still skeptical?

Good...you should be.

So here are what members of the Trading Room are saying...

As a purchaser of the original Forex Confidante, I found it did an excellent job at laying the correct foundation for forex trading that would benefit traders at all levels of experience. The revised version a decade plus later, literally gives you Tom’s bread-and-butter approach today trading as a Big Boy!

 I’m not sure why but Tom has decided to now include two powerful, battle-tested complete strategies to complement the original book at no extra cost. These are OpenSystem and FRETZ (Fibonacci Range Expansion Trading Zone). Open System is a sneaky blueprint to get on board the train at a busy and chaotic station (aka Market Open.) Through simple range mapping and powerful price action, the system can be used to trade mean reversal and/or breakout setups while side-stepping most market manipulation. 

To further protect capital, a price-action-based, early escape plan is included. And if for some reason the market moves too fast, a hard stop behind well-defended level stakes care of business.

FRETZ on the other hand is your forex day trading “Google Maps”! This blueprint employs not one, not two, not three but four unique mapping concepts to reveal important hidden market levels. It determines clear low-risk trade entry levels, stop loss and important profit targets well in advance. Along with Tom’s killer price action, this system offers traders clear leading market feedback that can be leveraged to trade mean reversals or trend continuation thereby allowing winners to run, add to those winners at optimal entry levels and/or square at market exhaustion points. Combine both systems to day trade Forex, with Confidante! 


If you are thinking about purchasing one of Tom's systems or acquiring a mentorship with him do it asap and don't delay because doing so will be detrimental to your success. What separates Tom from everybody else is he has 30+ years experience in the trading business so that already tells you a lot about him. You don't last 30+ years in this business if you don't know what you are doing so evidently he is doing something right and doing things 95 percent of traders don't do. What Tom teaches you cannot be found anywhere on youtube and believe me when I say this because I have watched tons of videos on youtube regarding trading. What I like about his methods is that they are easy to learn, aren't too rigid, and most importantly they work. If you want to take your trading to the next level, take action now and your future self will thank you for it.

Raj Sing

Hey Tom, first i want to mention that you are a great human being, you are very kind and funny. The whole process of your mentorship was fun and exciting. I loved our nightly coaching sessions (for me nightly). And what can i tell about your teachings? They are a game changer! A way to look at markets i've never seen before and it's amazing how the markets react to those levels you calculated or drawn on the Chart. The techniques you teach are simple, yet very effective and some stuff really blew my mind. Trading never was this much fun, i got addicted to Charts :). I was an expierienced Trader before but now i am very calm and proactive whilst trading. I never had a winning streak of trades this high which i am on right now. You litterally changed my life.


I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with Tom and his methods. His win rate, since I have been following, is around 85%. Tom has multiple decades of experience being a professional forex trader, this really shows with both his trade calls and what he teaches. It has opened up my eyes to techniques not taught elsewhere. Tom gives you everything needed to become a Pro Trader.

Craig - Sydney, Australia

Real Numbers Don’t Lie...Fake Gurus Do...

Excellent...as a technical trader I agree...the numbers are what matter.

So, to be fully upfront with you, there are no guarantees.

But, just this month alone, the pips gained were worth 40% return on investment.

Here are some actual screenshots of the SMS messages that resulted in significant pip gains:

This chart shows a USD/JPY Sale signal. The trade was opened as a Sell Order at 130.195 when the pair showed signs of its rally faltering. Our customized systems showed a Minor short term resistance level at 130.33. Trade Yielded a 62 pip gain. 

The  chart is for the CAD/JPY pair. The trade was issued as a sale at 97.815 with an extremely tight stop loss. The trade never went negative and quickly traded for a very respectable 83 pips, all within just a few bars of the trade being opened.

The chart shows the trade of the USD/JPY pair. A short entry signal was issued when we got a double confirmation of the price meeting resistance at the 130.34 psychological level. The market came very close to our Stop Loss, and quickly yielded 159 pips.

This  chart shows a trade issued as a short entry signal for GBP/JPY cross at 163.43. It dropped and hit Target 1 quickly. It then rebounded and triggered a protective stop at 162.93, for a good low risk 1 R Gain of 67 pips in a short period of time.

The  chart above shows a trade on the EURUSD for a Long entry signal issued at 1. 05225.  Like the trades already highlighted, the Risk was small at only 10 pips.  The pair hit both long range Target 1 and Target 2 quickly and triggered a protective stop at 1.0774 for a great 252 pips with a 10-pip risk!

The chart above shows another GBP/JPY trade issued as a Long Entry Signal at 160.30.  This trade decisively moved in our direction from the beginning and hit 3 targets in just 12 hours then retraced and triggered a Protective Stop at 161.05, netting a very respectable 74 pips.

The chart above shows another GBP/JPY trade issued as a Long Entry Signal at 160.30.  This trade decisively moved in our direction from the beginning and hit 3 targets in just 12 hours then retraced and triggered a Protective Stop at 161.05, netting a very respectable 74 pips.

The  chart above shows a Cryptocurrency Litecoin Sale signal. The trade was opened as a Sell Order at 99.51 with a stop loss at 102.20 when the pair showed signs of its rally faltering. The trade hit the 1st Target and 2nd Target within 1 hour of the sale signal securing an impressive 2 R gain for a total of 600 points.

The chart above shows a  signal for the GBP/JPY cross. The trade was issued as a buy at 166.01. The trade went slightly negative then quickly hit Target 2 for a very respectable 73 pips, all within just a few bars of the trade being opened.

Buy and Sell with Confidence by Joining the Trading Room

With the potential for earning pips every day on the market...

And gaining access to proprietary trade secrets from a Forex Chief Trader with a proven track record of winning trades...

You’d think that this membership would cost a fortune.

I mean, other trading memberships online are $397 a month WITHOUT daily SMS messages that give you the exact trade recipe a 35-year veteran is using.

Or live question-and-answer sessions with someone with a proven track record.

And I’ve packed the trading room with all the software tools you need (and then some!) to become a successful trader.

In fact, my web designer keeps telling me to stop because he can’t keep up.

But I want to be sure that you have everything you need.

You get :

  • The Forex Confidant ebook and video course...a $197 value
  • The Tao of Price Advanced Price Action Trading Course...a $597 value
  • Weekly Live Trade Calls with ME where you can ask questions relevant to YOU!...(Coaching calls can cost up to $1000 an hour!)
  • Email and SMS messages with daily trading tips and advice.
  • Custom-designed trading software aligned with my key principles of trading
  • Access to a community of traders to share ideas.

So that’s over $5000 in potential value...in just the first month.

Who knows what this inside track could earn you in the next year...or over the rest of your life!

While I could charge a premium price for this membership, as I have said, I’m no longer interested in selling wind. I want to teach.

So I’m offering The Trading Room, with all the resources and support, for the first 50 members, for only $199 a month! And for you...that price will NEVER increase.

This founder's level won’t last long. Once I’ve filled those slots the price goes up to $299 a month.

No hype, no BS...just an opportunity to dominate the market alongside me and the other members...for the rest of your life.

To achieve the freedom to manage your own money from anywhere in the world.

So join today and get immediate access to the tools and support you need!

Join The Trading Room  

Over $5000 in value!

  • The Forex Confidant ebook and video course
  • The Tao of Price Advanced Price Action Trading Course
  • Weekly Live Trade Calls
  • Trade Tips via Email and SMS messages
  • Custom-designed trading software
  • Trading Community

When you click the button, you will be directed to a page to enter your information. As soon as you hit the submit button, you’ll be logged into the member’s area where you can access the courses immediately. You’ll also receive an email with details on the trading software, trading room access, and more.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

money back

60 day Guarantee

Risk free

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, The Trading Room doesn't work for you, you can get a full refund anytime within 60 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Maybe you're still not sure...

Maybe you're still not sure...I get it.

There are a bunch of greedy bastards out there gunning for your money. I’m not one of them.

 I’m so confident that...

  • You’ll find the system simple, effective, and stress-free
  • The trading tips ALONE could pay for the membership
  • The Trading Room will provide the valuable support that you need

That I offer a 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you find that the trade calls aren’t profitable or that you’re not getting the support you need, just email my team at support@parkavenuetrading.com and you will receive a full refund.

I couldn’t offer a guarantee like this if it wasn’t the real deal. I look forward to meeting you and trading together in the Trading Room.

See you on the inside!



I had to make this a PS because I just got access to this...check out this picture of one of my students’ trading accounts just last week...Not too shabby is it?


A few words of caution...

First, you need to know, You are not going to make a half mil with a $500 credit card advance. If you’re looking to do that you’re better off delivering pizzas.


I’m looking for serious students...motivated folks with $10,000-50,000 in their trading accounts.

(And to be clear, none of that goes to me...that’s your trading account.)

I’m looking for those people who want to take charge of their own investments rather than risk it to money managers who advise you to keep your money with the company they represent. (The only way advisors make money!)

And I’d be remiss (and fraudulent) if I told you that my SYSTEMS are 100% guaranteed to make you a millionaire.

NO SYSTEM is right 100% of the time, and many claims out there are flat-out lies. I know because I’ve been in the business for 35 years.

But here’s my promise...

If you are committed to discovering how trading works, The Trading Room is the perfect place to build skills for long-term success....

You could start making a profit right away JUST by following the trading advice...which MIGHT take you a total of 10 minutes a day.

As you learn more and begin trading on your own...

And grow your account...

Just think of what you could earn with a bit more time...

And you can do it anywhere, anytime that the market’s open.

Late nights in New York.

Early afternoon in the Caribbean.

Work 4 hours in the morning from Northern Italy.

It’s all about managing your account...

And understanding the reality of how it all works.

Limited Space

Unlike other memberships that give so-called “tips” to thousands of members, I’m providing authentic learning and direct access to me.

Ask questions and I’ll answer them.

If I were just offering a “hands-off” course where I just sold pre-packaged information, (like many of the corporate “rake in cash” cookie-cutter offers out there) I could make this offer to any bozo trying to gain an edge in the market.

But I’m finding the teaching process much more rewarding than making a few bucks here and there.

So I’m limiting membership.

I can only handle so many people on a question-and-answer call, so when the room is full, it’s full. No more.

(Seriously...this isn’t one of those false scarcity things...in my 50s, how many questions can I answer in an hour?)

So if you are thinking that a small community of like-minded traders with an experienced mentor is the perfect place for you to hone your trading chops, don’t let this opportunity slip away...

Let me help reduce the confusion, the anxiety, and the frustration.

I’ll show you the strategies that helped me keep my job as a chief trader for years.

Tap into the advice of an experienced mentor and avoid the discouragement of demoralizing losses.

I can help!