September 20

Forex Trading Training


I started in Forex Trading as a fluke.

I was dating a young lady in college who came from a wealthy family. Her uncle was the Treasurer of CNCA New York, a large French Bank.

He asked me what my major studies in college were, and why. I said International Finance because I wanted to work on the floor of the Stock Exchange as a specialist.

He replied, “No you don’t. You want to trade Forex at a bank if you are going to be with my niece, and keep her in the life she is accustomed to.”

I was clueless about this lifestyle.

But trading Forex enabled this man to own a private plane and a slew of imported cars. Count me in!

He gave me an internship at CNCA, basically working for free to learn the basics. Running errands for the dealers, getting coffee and smokes etc.

I got my first paying job at Deutsche Bank NY working in the back office (which is dealer support).  After working my tail off I made it into the front office dealing room as a position clerk for the USD/CHF Trader Sean Gormley.

Deutsche Bank NY

I left DBNY to work as a currency trader at CRT NY. All my trader pals told me to stay away from CRT because the treasurer Aldo was as tough as nails and expected miracles with little capital investment. No one lasted there.

It didn’t matter to me. I just wanted the opportunity to trade a major cross-currency, because I was out to make a fortune fast!

Aldo was intense. And trading raw without handling customer orders was a completely different game.

I spent 6 years there, pouring over everything I could get my hands on about masters of trading …even diving deep into newspapers at the library all the way back to the 1920s.  I  invested countless hours studying charts, buying trading systems, grilling successful traders, hiring coaches, and even paying for hypnosis with Ruth Roosevelt to help with the mind chatter holding me back (yes she was related to the Roosevelts).

I became CRT Bank’s Chief Dealer, the youngest on Wall Street at 27 years old.

Fast Forward all the way to 2007. I was living in Hallandale Beach at the time, sitting by the pool. These young internet entrepreneurs were talking about USD against the Swiss Franc. They shared with me how they were making money selling $99 trading robots!

I was shocked anyone would hand over their life savings to a $99 piece of software! It’s crazy!  Banks invested millions to develop Quants, but even it requires experts at the helm.

I vowed to write a proper manual that would take the mystery out of F/X Trading. Part of my responsibility at the chief dealer was training wet-behind-the-ears junior traders fresh out of university.  The same fundamentals that set them on the path to success were vital for anyone even considering any type of trading today.

Forex is a business. If you treat it as a get-rich-quick opportunity, you’ll go broke fast.

Forex Confident introduces you to a steady and safe way to reach your financial goals.

It will help you overcome the mental hurdles of training.  Understand your risk to protect your money.

You’ll face fear, frustration, and confusion as a novice.

The forex trading training in Forex Confident will help alleviate these insecurities.

It’s based on my decades of experience not only as a successful bank trader handling millions of dollars in trades yearly…but also training novices day-after-day exactly how to get started, protect your assets, and earn consistent returns.


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